Sub-Zero Appliance Repair Markham

sub-zero appliance repair markham

Founded in 1945 the Sub-Zero Freezer Company is known as one of the most innovative appliance brands. Westye Bakke was the initial founder and, what was once a relatively modest company, soon grew large enough to acquire the domestic appliance line of the Wolf Range Corporation in 2000. According to the history of this brand, Bakke invented the very first free-standing freezer as early as 1943. The company also claims to have been the first to produce built-in fridges in the 1950s. This is the reason why so many people associate this design with the Sub-Zero brand. The twin refrigeration system with two individual cooling areas designed by Sub-Zero was revolutionary in terms of fresh food storage. It is also worth mentioning that, from a food safety perspective, keeping your fresh produce at the right temperature ensures that it is safe for consumption and it will not spoil as quickly.

Sub-Zero Fridge Repairs Markham

Your refrigerator and freezer are of the most important appliances of all. Without them, you would be forced to purchase fresh produce daily and prepare smaller meals every day. Leftovers would go to waste and the cost of living would become significantly greater than it is with a Sub-Zero fridge in your kitchen.

Similarly, if your fridge or freezer breaks down, it can have devastating results. With each minute that passes, the interior temperature of your fridge will begin to rise. If you open your fridge frequently while it is not running, this will speed up the heating process and your food will not be kept at the appropriate temperature for long. If your Sub-Zero fridge is no longer running, you should follow these steps:

  • Check to see if the light inside your fridge turns on or not. If it turns on, the power supply is usually not to blame and you most likely need a technician. If the light is not turning on, follow the next steps.
  • Check your electric supply. If there is a power outage, there might not be anything wrong with your appliance at all.
  • If the electric supply is not at fault, check the power outlet. You can test the power outlet by unplugging your fridge and plugging in another small appliance. If the small appliance does not work, it could be the socket. Try connecting your fridge to a different socket.
  • If the socket is not at fault, you should call a technician and provide them with all of the necessary make, model, and fault details.
  • Keep your fridge closed as much as possible. Do not open unless absolutely necessary.

Professional Sub-Zero Appliance Repairs

When searching for the right technician for the job, you should never settle for anything less than the best. Each appliance brand and model has its own fair share of secrets. Only a trained and experienced technician truly understands the inner workings of these complex appliances and how to best solve the problem. DIY repair attempts usually result in additional damage and they are certainly more time-consuming. When you choose Markham Appliance Repair for your Sub-Zero appliance, you will enjoy these and more benefits:

  • Same day Sub-Zero appliance repairs throughout Markham
  • On-site appliance repairs
  • Emergency appliance repairs
  • Trained and experienced team of technicians
  • Affordable repair costs
  • Full details regarding the fault as well as the repairs needed

Prompt Repairs Versus Replacement

This is a common question when it comes to all appliance repairs. When your Sub-Zero appliance is no longer working as it should, you might be tempted to toss it out and buy a new one. There are a number of factors to consider before you do so. Here are some benefits of repairing your appliance as opposed to replacing it:

  • Repairs are usually cheaper than replacing the appliance as a whole.
  • Repairs can be performed on-site without having to transport a large appliance to or from your home.
  • Enjoy the convenience of using your much-loved appliance rather than having to get used to something new.
  • Get that much more use and value for money out of your investment.
  • Same day repairs are far quicker than searching for the right replacement and waiting for the delivery.

There is no question that Sub-Zero appliances are one of the leading brands in Markham and Canada in general. Their appealing features, functionality and designs make them an attractive option for so many reasons. If you need Sub-Zero appliance repairs by trained experts, call Markham Appliance Repair at (289) 554 0768. Our team always arrives prepared with the necessary tools and a selection of parts that might be needed to complete repairs on the spot. Not only do we focus on performing speedy appliance repairs, but we also pay close attention to every detail in order to ensure that our repairs stand the test of time.